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37, Boulevard Habib Bourguiba 2036, La Soukra, Tunisie

Orthopaedic and prosthetic surgery

A dedicated operating theatre with a special table for orthopaedic and prosthetic surgery.

The evolution of orthopaedic and prosthetic surgery has been moving towards hyper-specialisation for several years.

To this end, our clinic offers a team of specialised surgeons, each of whom works in a specific area of expertise. The clinic is equipped with the latest medical equipment and specialises in all orthopaedic surgeries:

  • Spine surgery
  • Hip surgery
  • Knee surgery
  • Foot and ankle surgery
  • Ulcerative diabetic foot surgery
  • Arthroplasty with implantation of artificial joints
  • Laparoscopic meniscus resection
  • Treatment of muscle tears and hernias
  • Correction of spinal curvature (scoliosis)
  • Paediatric orthopaedics
  • Amputation or separation
  • Ligament reconstruction
  • Laminectomy
chirurgie orthopédique
chirurgie du rachis


Degenerative conditions of the cervical and lumbar spine, fractures and trauma, spinal deformities, tumours and spinal infections.

Our specialists in orthopaedic and prosthetic surgery offer new minimally invasive procedures in spinal surgery, such as scoliosis correction.

Scoliosis is a condition characterised by a lateral curvature of the spine. It can cause problems such as pain and discomfort. Scoliosis can be inherited and affects people of all ages, although most cases are seen in children between the ages of 10 and 15.

Scoliosis can be divided into two types: primary scoliosis, which occurs in the first few years of life, and secondary scoliosis, which develops later in life as a result of another disease or injury.


Hip surgery (supported by our Orthopaedic and Prosthetic Surgery Department) is a procedure to correct problems with the hip joint, which is a kneecap joint. The hip joint is located in the upper and front part of the thigh bone (femur).

The hip joint is formed by the head of the femur and a cupla-shaped cavity (acetabulum) in the pelvic bone. When this cavity fits into the head of the femur, it allows your leg to rotate easily when you walk or run.

The main causes of hip pain are

– Osteoarthritis – pain associated with degenerative joint changes due to ageing or repeated trauma.

– Hip dislocation – Complete dislocation of the hip, often as a result of trauma.

– Femoral neck fracture – Fracture of the long thigh bone (femur) just below where it joins the pelvis at the hip joint.

Our clinic supports the following operations: Total hip replacement, arthroscopy, bilateral (total replacement of both hips at one time).

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chirurgie du genou


Knee surgery is an operation to repair damage to the knee joint. The knee joint is a hinge-like joint that connects the thigh bone (femur) to the shin bone (tibia). The knee has two main ligaments: the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). These ligaments help to stabilise the knee and prevent it from moving too far in certain directions.

Knee surgery (carried out in our Orthopaedic and Prosthetic Surgery Department) may be performed for a number of reasons, including:

  • Repair of cartilage (meniscus) or knee ligaments
  • Removal of a tumour in the knee joint
  • Replacement of cartilage with artificial material

Our clinic supports the following operations Total knee replacement, arthroscopy, meniscectomy, ligament reconstruction, sports surgery.

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Paediatric Surgery (carried out in  our Orthopaedic and Prosthetic Surgery Department) supports the following operations

  • Orthopaedic and trauma surgery,
  • Trauma of limbs, pelvis and spine,
  • Osteoarticular infections,
  • Scoliosis and spinal deformity surgery,
  • Surgery of clubfoot and other orthopaedic limb deformities (hip dislocation),
  • Knee surgery (arthroscopy) …
orthopédique pédiatrique
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Foot and ankle surgery is a subspeciality of orthopaedic surgery that focuses on the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels and nerves of the feet and ankles.

The foot and ankle surgeon is trained to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries of these structures.

Foot and ankle surgeons may perform the following procedures

  • Arthroscopic surgery for torn knee or ankle cartilage (meniscus).
  • Treatment of an infection in the foot or ankle.
  • Foot reconstruction after traumatic injury, such as an accident or war injury.
  • Treatment of arthritis in the joints of the foot (like onions).

Our clinic supports the following operations Hallux valgus, flat foot, hollow foot, osteoarthritis and ankle ligamentoplasty.


Upper limb and hand surgery (supported by our orthopaedic and prosthetic surgery department) is a surgical speciality that deals with the upper extremity of the body, i.e. the arm and hand. Upper limb and hand surgeons treat conditions that affect the bones, joints, tendons or muscles in this area.

Our clinic supports the following operations: Shoulder arthroscopy, rotator cuff repair, carpal tunnel, etc.

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Trauma Surgery (carried out within our Orthopaedic and Prosthetic Surgery Department) is a subspeciality of surgery that focuses on the treatment of severely injured patients. These injuries result from blunt or penetrating trauma and include bone and joint damage, internal bleeding and damage to nerves, muscles and tendons. Trauma surgeons are also involved in rehabilitation after injury.

Our orthopaedic and prosthetic surgery teams also treat fractures of the upper and lower limbs and displaced fractures.