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37, Boulevard Habib Bourguiba 2036, La Soukra, Tunisie
our clinic
The Mediterranean clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic with a capacity of 120 beds, designed to be a complete healthcare facility in terms of specialities, services and technology.

The Mediterranean clinic offers a wide range of services in various specialities: surgery, obstetrics, medicine, intensive care and research, all at competitive prices and of unrivalled quality.

Our clinic is internationally renowned, with patients from all four corners of the globe: Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia.
Our clinic is equipped with a universal digitisation system for traceability, DMI management and secure data storage.

The Mediterranean clinic is a leader in the Tunisian medical sector:
  • 5 rooms in the central block
  • 3 rooms in the outpatient block
  • 2 operating theatres
  • 3 delivery rooms (Gynaeco-obstetrics “Maternity Service” block)
  • 2 puncture rooms in the medically assisted reproduction service.
  • 45 single rooms
  • 44 double rooms distributed as follows: 24 medical beds, 52 surgical beds, 16 beds in the maternity centre – VIP room.

6 fully equipped medical intensive care beds – 5 post-operative intensive care beds.

The Emergency Department can accommodate all types of patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (6 wards + 4 beds).

Dialysis unit, medical oncology unit (chemotherapy) with 10 cabins, gastroenterology unit with 7 beds.

5 medically assisted reproduction beds.

Hospital beds
Outpatient beds
Operating room
Paramedical agents and executives
Medical specialist
Our vision

All teams at the Mediterranean clinic are committed to ensuring the quality and safety of care on a daily basis. Our approach is based on the needs of our patients. Our practices are based on specialised standards of care as well as care expertise focused on our medical disciplines.

Over the years, the Mediterranean clinic has succeeded in developing a real culture of quality within the institution. Our policy of continuous improvement in the quality and safety of care is defined by a number of objectives in order to provide personalised care to all our patients.


The Mediterranean clinic has the following philosophy:

  • Respect for the rights of patients: quality of care, respect for confidentiality, respect for privacy, …
  • Patient satisfaction: the well-being and satisfaction of our patients is one of the priorities of our clinic. The medical and nursing staff does their utmost to meet the needs of hospitalised patients to the best of their ability.
  • Right to complain: we have set up a service to listen to your complaints, comments and suggestions. You can contact us online at:
Sana Ben Mussa
Patiente Clinique Méditerranéenne

One of the best and best hospitals in Tunisia. Here I would like to highly appreciate the efforts of the hospital staff, especially the wonderful and huge nursing team, whose level and scientific and practical efficiency correspond to the nursing care in Europe and America of the fourth and the intensive care department Wafaa, Rami, Hedaya or Huda, Aya, and others whose names I don’t remember, special thanks to the nursing staff of the intensive care unit for their efficiency and dedication to serving patients and their good treatment of them. families of patients. May Allah reward you with the best. Patient’s family: Samira bin Musa

Dimitri Lubovitch
Patient Clinique Méditerranéenne

Very clean clinic. Very welcoming and attentive staff.

Fatma Bouaziz
Patiente Clinique Méditerranéenne

A big congratulations to the entire maternity service team, you have made this unique and magical moment even more beautiful. Many thanks.

Lobna Melaouah
Patiente Clinique Méditerranéenne

With this little note, I would like to thank the staff of the Mediterranean clinic for their unparalleled professionalism….headed by my doctor who strongly recommended this place to me…we feel good there…good luck and good luck courage

Maitre Hayethem BCHINI
Patient Clinique Méditerranéenne

Bravo and thank you for your reactivity and your intention
Best wishes

Alexis Altwies
Patient Clinique Méditerranéenne

I wanted to share my experience with the Clinique Méditerranéenne.
I immediately felt confident with Dr. Guiga Bilel who is an experienced surgeon and who shows great respect for the patient.
The entire Clinic staff also showed great professionalism and was very considerate towards me.
The procedure went well and was not very painful.
I sincerely recommend!

Selmi Khaled
Patient Clinique Méditerranéenne

The Clinic must be very proud of its staff: Guards, reception agent, administrative agent, very professional nursing assistants, its nurses with high-performance skills on an international scale, the attending physicians, the radiologists and all the technical staff, are a pride for the Tunisian medical profession and even international medical pride.
You saved my life, and you deserve all the highest honors.

Olfa Akrout
Patiente Clinique Méditerranéenne

Well done Fecondia. I had 2 experiences and it went very well. Very qualified staff.

Chokri Babba
Patient Clinique Méditerranéenne

Top maternity service
Great staff
I recommend

Patient Clinique Méditerranéenne

Among the best clinics in 2019

Photos from our clinic